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We are a general indoor pest control company to include rodent control.  General pest control includes all ants, roaches, crickets, silverfish and earwigs.  Additional services available include flea and tick treatments, bedbug treatments and more.


Ants & Roaches

Interior and exterior pest management is the key to protecting your home/business from pests.  Many times, this can be achieved from the perimeter of your home keeping materials away from your family and pets.


Spiders & Wasps

Treatment of entry ways to your home every visit and specialized spider and wasp treatments for the entire home are available.


Rodent Control

With our semi-tropical environment in Southwest Florida, using a multi-pronged approach is required.  Not only trapping them inside your home, but identifying how they are entering and reducing their population along your homes perimeter.


Fleas & Ticks

Easy to get rid of but one of the most harmful to let stay as they carry diseases. Adult fleas must to be treated with an approved material to affect the adults and an insect growth regulator (or IGR) which prevents flea eggs and larvae from becoming adults.

* We are insured with 1 million dollars of liability insurance.


Botanical Insecticide Treatments

We now offer all natural botanical insecticide treatments. These are environmentally safe and consist of naturally occurring chemicals that are extracted from plants and minerals. Simply request Botanical Insecticides and we will take care of the rest. 

Vernon J. Brown

Retired US Army Special Forces


Vernon Brown is a DECADE / LIFE member of the Special Forces Association and a member the local Cape Coral American Legion.

Defeating Pests For Over

17 Years in Southwest Florida

Brown's Pest Control is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

Dedicated Service

Active member of our community since my retirement from the military.

Safe Treatments

We treat with the most environmentally responsible way to resolve all current issues and help prevent any future infestations.

On Time Service

All appointments are given within a two-hour period. Prior to arrival a thirty-minute call can be made upon request.

Military Discount

Military discount 10% available to all Veterans upon paid in full treatments.

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