What Are Silverfish and How Can I Get Rid of Them?

Have you noticed any unusual bugs in your home lately? Are they covered with silvery scales and have a fish-like shape? In this case, you might be dealing with silverfish.

So, what are silverfish? These insects can be found in any household. They range in size from three to 30 millimeters and have three long tails. Even though they lack wings, they’re super fast and can hide easily.

In general, silverfish can be seen around flour boxes, damped clothing, and human or pet food. They leave no signs behind, which makes it hard to spot an infestation. However, their simple presence is a red flag.

Let’s find out more about silverfish and how to get rid of them:

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are not the scariest bugs in your household, but they can spread fast. Females can lay up to 100 eggs and form entire colonies.

These nocturnal insects are blue-silver or brown in color and look like a teardrop. They can thrive in most climates, especially dark, humid places. For this reason, you’re more likely to see them in your kitchen, bathroom, or attic.

Their destructive eating habits can leave a mess in your home. These bugs feed on paper, starches, sugar, and high-carb foods. However, they don’t say no to silk, linen, or shampoos either.

Getting rid of them can be a chore. These insects are agile runners and move in a wiggling motion. Although they don’t carry diseases, they can ruin your food and personal belongings.

Here are some handy tips to get rid of these unwanted guests:

Reduce Humidity

These bugs are attracted to humid environments. Thus, the first step to eliminating them is to reduce moisture in your home.

Place silica gel in cracks and holes, use a dehumidifier, and fix leaky pipes. Open the windows more often to ventilate your home.

Keep Your House Clean

Vacuum at least once a week to get rid of dust and debris. Focus on those areas where you’re more likely to have leftovers or breadcrumbs.

Since these bugs eat paper and fabrics, store your books and old clothes in containers with tight lids. If you have wallpaper, either remove it or cut any loose corners. Silverfish love wallpaper glue, so you might be feeding them without realizing it.

Use Natural Solutions

Another option is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth beneath sinks, in kitchen cabinets, and in old boxes. This natural powder will kill and dehydrate most pests. On top of that, it’s safe for humans and pets.

For best results, use food grade diatomaceous earth. You can also try boric acid powder, but beware that it’s toxic to cats and dogs.

What about Insecticides?

If nothing works, insecticides should do the trick. However, it’s not advisable to use these products by yourself. They emit toxic fumes that can affect your health or trigger allergies.

A pest control experts can recommend the best insecticides. In case you have pets, he will use a product that’s safe for your furry friends. You can also ask him questions like “What are silverfish?” and “How to prevent future infestations?”

Silverfish can damage your belongings and attract other predators. Contact us today to get rid of them and bring you peace of mind!

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